Exciting new singing and COPD research project launched at Southbank Centre

The Sidney De Haan Research Centre for Arts and Health has launched a new research project to take place in Lambeth and Southwark in London. The event was attended by government minister Simon Hughes, who spoke in support for the initiative.

Singing for Better Breathing, funded by Guy’s and Thomas’ Health Charity, aims to bring people living with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) together to sing and improve their general breathing.

The launch took place at the Royal Festival Hall as part of the Southbank Centre’s ‘Chorus’ festival. COPD singing groups from around the country were invited to sing and find out more about the project.

Professor Stephen Clift, Director of the Sidney De Haan Research Centre, said: “We were delighted by the turn out to support this launch event from over 60 people affected by the lung condition, COPD, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, together with many members of public attending the Southbank Chorus Festival.

“Having launched the Lambeth and Southwark project, the next step is to work with local GPs to recruit people with COPD to four singing groups in the boroughs. These will start in the late summer and run for one year. Careful monitoring will help us assess whether regular singing has benefits for people with this serious lung condition.”


One thought on “Exciting new singing and COPD research project launched at Southbank Centre

  1. My 82 year old mother was born and brought up in Lambeth, suffered from asthma as a child and now has COPD. This may or not be because she lived opposite a candle and soap factory and the high levels of pollution in London at the time! She now lives in Kent and belongs to a community choir. She thoroughly enjoys singing and is strongly convinced it helps her breathing and overall well-being. Your research project sounds a wonderful idea and I hope it may lead to COPD groups across the country singing for both fun and their health.


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